Assortment of Dieffenbachia indoor tropical plants

Also known as "Dumb Cane," Dieffenbachia is similar in appearance to its relative, Aglaonema. The similarity with Aglaonema ends as Dieffenbachia grows, and its clusters of leaves rise above the soil on stalks or canes (Alglaonema grows from a crown close to the soil). When it's young, Dieffenbachia is an attractive ground cover, but it can reach heights of five feet or more if it has suitable conditions and a large enough container. It often serves as a medium-height plant in a large display area, while a taller specimen makes an attractive centerpiece or container specimen.

Medium light is just right for Dieffenbachia; if the light levels are too low, it grows thin and leggy, while harsh or direct sunlight will scorch the leaves or wash out their interesting color patterns. It has a high tolerance of low humidity levels, but it prefers medium to high humidity levels for ideal growth indoors.

Dieffenbachia is widely reported to have first originated from Brazil, although evidence shows that it is native to tropical America, from Mexico through the West Indies, through warmer regions of South America.