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Home spa with plant decor

Bring the outdoors inside

What's the fastest way to make a so-so day bright and cheerful? How can you make the cold cozy? Turn ho-hum gray into deep forest green? And, breathe fresher, cleaner air at the same time? The answer is simple: just add Tropical!

Let our experts at Interior Tropical Gardens transform your ordinary space into a lush, natural, tropical habitat. Foyers, bathrooms, bedroom, pool areas - indoor or out, our professional, plant-loving staff can design, install and meticulously maintain your little piece of paradise - all year 'round.

Also, don't forget our Holiday Services - we can design, decorate, remove and store everything for Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving or Halloween.

All in all, Interior Tropical Gardens can help you make your ordinary space into something extraordinary, and something to be enjoyed and appreciated by the whole family. Why not contact us today to get your free design consultation and quote. We can work within almost any budget imaginable to turn your home Tropical.

Our residential design services: take the "typical" and make it "tropical!"

Interior tropical plant design

Interior Tropical Gardens can create the illusion of living in Paradise with the addition of tropical plants in your home. Rental or purchase of plants to complete a living room, dining area, family room or pool area is available. Plant containers, from baskets to ceramic pots, can be customized to blend into the rooms' existing décor. Regular weekly maintenance can also be provided.

Our interior design specialists can help you choose the right accents for your home. Whether your home is decorated in a formal Contemporary style to and informal Country style, our design specialists can choose the perfect plant varieties to custom fit your home's lighting and space.

Our residential maintenance services: the best way to keep your plants fresh and beautiful

Interior tropical plant maintenance

As an added offer, should you decide to buy or rent lush tropical plants from Interior Tropical Gardens, we offer a professional Residential Maintenance option. With residential Maintenance, we can make your indoor piece of paradise a painless and hassle-free endeavor.

We can water, fertilize, clean, trim and provide disease and insect control on a weekly basis. We provide you with prompt, reliable and efficient service, making sure that all plants and displays remain fresh and attractive at all times. All plants are guaranteed to be of the highest quality and kept in the finest condition. If there are any plants that are not up to our exacting standards — we replace them immediately at no charge to you.

We will be happy to discuss all maintenance options and pricing with you at the time of our free evaluation. We can work in most any budget and always make sure our customers come first!

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