Aspidistra Cast Iron Plant selected varieties

Aspidistra is an incredibly hardy plant, widely known by its apt name "Cast Iron Plant,' which refers to its toughness in the face of the most dismal neglect. Although this plant makes an attractive lone specimen, it is most often planted in clusters or as ground cover in very large displays. Aspidistra varieties have been limited in the past, but in recent years, the simple green leaves of the reliable Aspidistra elatior have been selected to produce speckled, spotted, striped and variegated patterns.

This plant can take any lighting conditions except for direct sun; it's the ultimate shade-loving indoor plant. While Aspidistra can survive neglect, it will thrive and grow all the more lushly if provided with regular watering.

Plants in this genus were mostly ignored by horticulturalists until the early 1980s. Since then, the 10 or so known species of Aspidistra have ballooned to over 100 with new discoveries in southern China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan, and India. In addition, numerous cultivars have been developed.